You Can Make Money Republishing Old Books, Images, Music And Video. This Report Allows Anyone Make Money Online, It’s Never Been So Easy!

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Did you know that every year another 8 million books, manuscripts, movies and images enter the public domain? That means that their copyright expires. So what does that mean to you?

It means you can make money from other people’s work.

When a book or movie enters the public domain and falls out of copyright, it means you can do what you like with it.

Add your name as author

Rewrite the story or music

Sell it!

Use it for book or blog content

Add it to physical products you sell

 You’re about to discover the secrets to writing a bestselling book- even if you flunked English

You will  use little known resources I share, jammed full of high quality, highly sought after information that will force people’s hands into their wallets – just to follow the subjects they are most passionate about!

The rules change from country to country and I will teach you how to avoid trouble and steer straight for easy waters. But there’s more. I am going to give you – yes, hand you! – a map of the public domain.

Yes! You won’t be left alone. I am going to guide you through the labyrinth of free resources that you can use over and over and over again – with your name attached as author or creator!

Now you too can save time in your writing

and product creation

Walt Disney did it with Brothers Grimm stories

and he became a world renowned millionaire!

And what about Dracula? Robin Hood?  Zorro? Sherlock Holmes? John Carter? The Wizard of Oz? Captain Nemo!

Everybody remakes everything. With public domain material you can create your own children’s books, novels, non-fiction guides.

AND there are surprising tricks that help you create stuff you already know people want to buy!

Blog posts


Kindle books




Know how I make money on autopilot,

month after month?

That’s right. I rewrite and republish old stuff that most people don’t care about any more. Thing is – they don’t know why they should care. In fact, they are reading material that is just as relevant today as it was back then.

Material that existed before self publishing. Before anyone could upload anything.

In other words: content that had to pass the “is it good enough?” test before anyone would commit to it being printed!

It’s already done for you. All the quality control, all the editing and market testing and consumer interest analysis.

All you need to do is download this guide, learn, earn and enjoy a life less ordinary!

Here’s a warning!

I’m not sure how much longer I will be giving this information free

Okay. I just decided as I wrote this that I will give this eBook free to the first hundred people who sign up for it. After that you can expect to pay anything from $10 up!

Download this today. Tomorrow it may have a price tag attached.satisfaction-guaranteed1

All the best,

Dave Lynch

UPDATE: The hundred subscribers has been reached and this product is now prices at $17.

Sorry – but that’s how it goes.

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